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Quality and Reliability: Stereo Restoration

When the word "restoration" comes up, many people think of something very old—perhaps a piece of furniture—being treated with some unknown chemicals and obscure techniques to make it look... slightly less old... very expensive... or something like that. And, you probably realize that electronics, by nature, have a shorter lifespan than, say, old houses.

So it is natural that a stereo that is twenty years old will need some very careful, and very skilled care to make it sound like it's new again.

This is what we do: we make them sound like they used to—when you were young, or before you were born. You may have gotten a McIntosh, Phase Linear, or any of a number of other beautiful older pieces that both richly deserve and desperately need exactly this kind of service.

Please take a look around. Feel free to contact us, and when you're ready, you can follow the steps necessary to make your machine sound like it's meant to.

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