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About The Site

This site was developed more or less in place on the server where it resides, using GNU Emacs. It employs PHP4, CSS1, HTML4 and probably some other acronyms I've forgotten. It has been tested primarily on Safari, and with other browsers to make sure nothing is too broken for the non-Mac world.

Original Circle Stereo Site, and Original Version of current site layout done by Chris Davis. Most of the guts of this version (the first release version of the redesigned site) done by Ira Green.

This is a transitional version. It has been so long since I paid much attention to the web that things have Changed. Consequently, this whole site—as part of it's ongoing maintenance—will be completely redone in XHTML1.0.

I'm sure some of you will protest that there are still millions using older browsers, and the reliance on CSS that goes along with XHTML will exclude too many people. This is certainly an issue. However, I've found that a properly implemented XTHML/CSS layout is not only more flexible than the HTML-Table based implementation I've employed here, it is still usable in older browsers. Not to mention making it possible to provide better support for cell phones, readers for the blind, etc., etc., etc.

For more on this topic, I highly recommend you read The Webstandards Project FAQ.

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