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Phase Linear Service

If you have any piece of Phase Linear equipment, you have likely had it a long time, or you have gotten it to replace what you once had and lost. You already have a sense of the capabilities and virtues these fine units, but it has been a while. In the meantime, you have found that getting the necessary service to get yours back in shape is a difficult proposition. This should not be too surprising to you. Phase Linear equipment is different from everything else. After all, they were the first home stereo of genuine power and size. They have the capability of providing sufficient power when needed, but also sound very pleasing when they are played at low levels.

They sound as good as they look.

Here is the rub. Your precious Phase is now 25 years old. That is a quarter of a century, pal. Nobody expected these to last so long, so you presume that it is now history. Wrong again. The plain truth is that they are very restorable, but it has to be done properly. You cannot dink around or do it in any partial fashion. Each model of Phase equipment has its own particular set of requirements. The standard overhaul is in each case meant to bring the unit back to factory spec and to keep it there. They respond very well to this level of service. It is not excessive to say that they can be made to perform like new.

Phases on the roundup.

You cannot get the high quality standard overhaul just anywhere. Whereas it is true that Phases are neither mystical nor technically impossible, they are a touch eccentric. It is very helpful to know them well enough to address their weak points. For this reason, your Phase should be handled by someone who specializes in them, someone who knows them well enough to be aware of the correct countermeasures involving a wide range of repair requirements. After 32 years in the business, Circle Stereo is not only aware of what these machines really need, but we are convinced that doing the job properly and thoroughly is the only reasonable approach. I am sure that you desire a return to original performance, and trouble free operation over the long haul. That is our exact objective.

you don't usually see this part

You will find elsewhere in this site all of the procedural considerations for sending or bringing in your precious Phase. If anything is unclear, feel free to contact us.

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