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Circle Stereo: Practical Repair Service over the Internet

Since you have decided that your machine is special, and that Manny and Moe's Fix-Anything Shop down the street is not your best option, here is the skinny about sending it to Circle Stereo.

The first step in the repair process is Basic Service. This is essentially the diagnostic process in which we place the machine on the test bench, disassemble and dust it out, and check all functions. We are most interested in the symptoms which have prompted you to send it to us, but it is very important that every aspect of performance be evaluated. After all, most of the machines we see are quite a few years old, so it stands to reason that they normally need attention in a number of areas. This is where experience is the most important: knowing what problems arise with what machines is essential to servicing them properly. When the basic has been completed, we will contact you to tell you what your machine requires to make it work consistently and reliably as it did when it was new. If a machine has a serious problem and its service requirements are in excess of its value, we want to know this early in the game. The Basic Service Charge is paid as the machine comes in, and this charge is then applied to the final cost of repair. If you live in Texas, it will be $64.90, if not, then the non-taxed amount is $59.95.

Basic service will be performed on your machine within two weeks of its arrival. You will then know the repair cost, viability, parts needs, etc. Time required for completion will depend upon parts and repair requirements and upon our workload. This will vary greatly. We will give you a sense of what to expect when you receive your basic service report.

We will communicate with you during the repair process. We are interested in moving the line along as rapidly as possible, so be sure we have your home phone, work phone, address, and e-mail address. You may be certain that no major repairs or other serious decisions will be taken without your approval. When your repairs are complete, we will be very keen on getting it back to you as rapidly as possible, so we will certainly contact you for payment arrangements and for any special shipping instructions.

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